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                                                Full Beaver Moon: November 2nd


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                                                                                                                   Aries: March 21 st-April 19th  



                                                                                                    A woman of mystery with esoteric and occult

                                                                                talents is in focus this week. If you ask her,

                                                                                you'll be surprised to discover she has the

                                                                                ability to read into the future. She may use

                                                                                innate skills or a combination of those and

                                                                                divinatory objects like Tarot Cards or a

                                                                                crystal ball. Friend or Lover she's the key

                                                                                to unlocking happiness. Creativity soars.







                                                                                                                   Taurus April 20-May 20



                                                                                                   Kings often represent father issues or give

                                                                               hints about authority and how you cope. This

                                                                               king also represents someone who is stern

                                                                               and unyielding...steely, in fact. Whether this

                                                                               is someone you know, or will meet or an aspect

                                                                               of yourself, don't confuse obstinacy with

                                                                               power. True power comes from security--and

                                                                               secure people are not afraid to be wrong

                                                                               or to change their perspectives. If you

                                                                               do meet someone, he or she may have a local

                                                                               reputation or even be somewhat famous. Don't

                                                                               let that scare you off.






                                                                                                                   Gemini: May21-June 21





                                                                                                  While the Queen of Wands is usually the card

                                                                               I read as the "girlfriend" card, she can also be

                                                                               someone talented in your life or an aspect of

                                                                               your own creativity waiting to be developed or

                                                                               enhanced. If you're in a relationship you may

                                                                               be thinking your partner is not what he or she

                                                                               seemed at first and is somewhat moody lately.

                                                                               Your partner might manifest unexpected behavior.

                                                                               Wait till after the week is over and the moon begins

                                                                               to wax before making any decisions.








                                                                                                                   Cancer June22-July 22




                                            This week you may experience vicissitudes

                                                                               and the ups and downs of fortune as the

                                                                               wheel revolves. You might even (like Elsa)

                                                                               be a hostage to fate. When you recognize

                                                                               you can't control everything, your personal

                                                                               and professional life improves. A good week

                                                                               to avoid cosmetic surgery--you may not be

                                                                               happy with the results and/or feel you liked

                                                                               the "old" you a lot better. Someone you know

                                                                               may be a bride soon, albeit a reluctant one.












                                                                                The ten of Wands often means feeling oppressed

                                                                                by burdens which can be alleviated by a change of

                                                                                attitude or perspective. Sometimes this indicates

                                                                                a literal move or change: a new home, a different

                                                                                job. Keeping that in mind, try seeing issues that are

                                                                                bothering you in a new light. The night of the new

                                                                                moon would be great for a little soul searching.

                                                                                You might also try scrying or working with

                                                                                runes or tarot cards. Don't let someone else's

                                                                                opinions prevent you from achieving your best.









                                                                                                                  Virgo:August23-Sept 22




                                                                                                   Something keeping you up at night? Feeling anxious

                                                                               about an outcome? This is the nightmare card but

                                                                               you should keep in mind that a bete noir is just that--

                                                                               a shadow, not reality. Stop worrying and fretting.

                                                                               Put fears and megrims on the back burner and

                                                                               don't let control issues get the best of you. Focus

                                                                               on manifesting what is important and don't get






                                                                                                                    Libra: Sept23-October 22




                                                                                                   When knights appear, long term situations change.

                                                                               You may find yourself on a mission or a quest for

                                                                               someone or something you love. You're looking for

                                                                               passion--whether creative or romantic or both. Be

                                                                               willing to go the distance to achieve your desires.

                                                                               Sometimes simple things can make you feel better

                                                                               about yourself: update your wardrobe with accessories

                                                                               like scarves or cool sneakers.... do something

                                                                               that rejuvenates you mentally or physically. Plan

                                                                               travel--possibly to a foreign country--well somewhere,

                                                                               anyhow, that will make the dollar go further....






                                                                                                                     Scorpio: Oct 23-Nov22




                                                                                                   You might have to look someone squarely in the eye

                                                                               and fib to be diplomatic. It's not always a bad thing.

                                                                               On the downside, this card sometimes indicates

                                                                               someone around you could be deceitful. If someone

                                                                                is behaving in a furtive manner, don't fly off the

                                                                               handle; take your time and observe what is really

                                                                               happening. On the mundane (or daily) level, someone

                                                                               may wine or dine you this week--which since it's your

                                                                               birthday--may be the aspect of the card that portends

                                                                               excitement and luck are just ahead.





                                                                                                  Happy Birthday!


                                                                                                                                      Marie Haisan


                                                                                                                                      Denise Ronan


                                                                                                                                     Dennis Cummins







                                                                                                                      Sagittarius:Nov22-Dec 21





                                             Sometimes you gotta get rid of the ghosts--

                                                                               or, in this case, walk away from shadows and

                                                                               shades of the past. This will be easier as the

                                                                               moon begins to wax later next week and your

                                                                               emotions take sway. It's fine to have a good cry,

                                                                               to be nostalgic, but don't let it stop you from

                                                                               moving ahead with your life and seeking new

                                                                               pathways. A new love--perhaps someone  quite

                                                                               tall--who others see as an odd fit may be part

                                                                               of your karma. Looks aren't everything, it's

                                                                               what's inside that counts.









                                                                                                                  Capricorn:Dec 22-Jan 19


                                                                                                   You might be more comfortable now with

                                                                               taking a break. Sometimes this card indicates

                                                                              minor surgery or a brief illness that is your

                                                                               body's way of insuring you take a rest. You

                                                                               probably won't miss much if you let yourself

                                                                               have some downtime, so don't be afraid to

                                                                               spend time alone--your social life will improve

                                                                               in the long run. If someone has been treating

                                                                               you badly don't be afraid to be unavailable--

                                                                               that's why homes have doors, phones have screening

                                                                                devices and e mail has block sender; give the

                                                                               "brute" a bounce.









                                                                                                                   Aquarius:Jan20-Feb 18



                                                                                                   While the seven of Wands often indicates a

                                                                               time when you need to be somewhat defensive in

                                                                               order to protect yourself, it has a very bright

                                                                               side as well. Literary acclaim is possible. And

                                                                               with this deck, a new love may be coming soon.

                                                                               This individual will be sensitive, romantic and

                                                                               have (for you) a charismatic personality. You're

                                                                               in for lots of new experiences and adventures.

                                                                               Be open. Stay optimistic. Change is in the wings.







                                                                                                                    Pisces:Feb 19-March 20




                                                                                                   A new fount of emotion surfaces (and it's stronger

                                                                               than usual as the moon begins to wax again) along

                                                                               with an upsurge in energy. You may find new love,

                                                                               a new passion or a new involvement with the arts.

                                                                               With Pisces linked to water, this will be a turning

                                                                               point in your life if you allow it to manifest.

                                                                               People may not see things the way you do, but

                                                                               in the long run, that shows just how strong your

                                                                               vision is, how high your ideals. Live it.









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