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                                                                                              Welcome  to our Resident Ghost Pages !


                                                                                       Real-life ghost pictures


                                                                                     The Lizzie Borden House


                                                                             Original Photography & Cemetery Art


                                                                                         True Ghost Stories


                                                                                  Solar and Lunar Information




                                                                                              much more!












                                                 Real Ghost Pictures


                                                The Haunted Lizzie Borden House   








                                              Read  "The Haunted Lizzie Borden House"                    

                                                                                           A true ghost story




                                                                 Borden Crime Scene


                                                                Borden  Autopsy Photos



                                                The Roberts Castle


                                                True Ghost Stories


                                                New Photos



                                                                             Haunted Ruins



                                               Cool  Links



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                                                                                             Solar Activity








                                                                              Solar and lunar activity are said to influence spirits and can effect

                                                                the likelihood of obtaining successful photographs. During storms

                                                               or unsettled activity, ghost energy is easier to capture in photos.



                                                                Bookmark  us to keep track of the best times to capture ghosts

                                                                on your digital or 35mm camera!



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Solar X-rays: Geomagnetic Field:




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                                                          Lunar Cycles         





  moon phases






                                          More links to lunar information:


                                          Moon Phases

                                          Star Date Astronomy

                                         Virtual Reality Moon Phase




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