"Help me....Who Are You?....Help me...."



                                                              by Donna Kincheloe




                     I live in a farming community in Central California; and I once lived

               in a "haunted house."  Some seem to think it would be fun living with ghosts, believe                me, it's not!   I was a first time buyer and was excited about owning my own home.

               I had recently re-married, was happy to be a new bride. It seemed my life was finally                on an up-swing--that is until the knocking started.... At first it was located on one

               wall.  My husband thought it might be the plumbing and began to try to find the                problem....it wasn't our pipes: Soon after the knocking began going around

               and around in a circle. There was no explanation.


           It was then we realized something was terribly wrong. We began to feel a

               little uneasy at this point and to further complicate matters, friends would never

               stay long.  It wasn't until later we found out they were never comfortable in

               that house.  


            The hallway that led to our bedroom was especially spooky.  We could

                actually feel the walls closing in as we walked to our room...the knocking would

                follow us around and I never felt "alone."  Articles of clothing would mysteriously

                appear in the middle of our living room floor; but the feeling of being "watched"

                was the worst.  



             One evening my husband tried an experiment. We owned a small

                 hand-held  recorder which was voice activated, and decided to see if we were

                 crazy or if there was indeed a ghostly visitor.  That night before bed, he asked

                 anyone who would like to communicate to please do so on the recorder.


                       We went to bed and thought nothing of it.  


                        The next morning we listened to our message.  At first we heard

                  a sound of rushing, like wind, then a voice whispered, "Help me, who are you?

                  Help me."


                         We literally ran out of the house, barefoot, and sped away to share this

                 with our friends, whom we felt would give honest answers to what they heard.

                  I felt sorry  for the entity in that house; and I still hope some day he finds his

                  way to the "other" side.


               Still, it was so spooky, knowing you are not alone in your own home.


                         We decided to sell and get away.  We divorced three years later....

                  did we bring bad energy away when we left?I guess I'll  never know for sure.


                Is it fun or exciting to live in a "haunted house"?


                No, for us it was a disaster.



                Now I live in an apartment, the aura here is wonderful, and I have

                  no doubt that I am alone--there is no entity here. And when friends come to visit, I

                  have a hard time getting them to leave....  But  I will always wonder, after the

                  house was sold,  did the  new owners ever experience the horrors we did?



                Donna Kincheloe

                         Modesto, Calif.








                                                                                          Who's There?



                       One night I stayed at home alone while my parents went out to dinner. My parents

          always told me to lock the door when I'm home alone, so I did. Later I was watching TV,

          when I heard the cracking of a door;  then I looked behind my shoulder.... The front door

          was open and it was the one that I had already locked, so I got one of my brother's toys:

          it was a long plastic ax, and then I pushed the door closed and ran back to the couch.

         [My parents had already come home, so] A second later I called my Mom and she said

         "Oh, Honey, it was probably just the wind. " I didn't want to argue so I didn't tell her

         that I had locked it.


          I have another story.


            One night, my friends Emma and Dulainy spent the night. We were scaring each other

        and acting all funny. When Dulainy fell asleep, Emma and I put make-up on her; then

        we woke her up and told her that she did it to herself. After we had our laughs we were

        going to wash it off in the bathroom across the hall [we were upstairs].  But, as we

        were going to the bathroom, we passed the stairs [it was all dark]; we heard someone

        coming up the stairs and  the sound was getting closer and closer; so I turned on the lights.

        The sounds stopped and no one was there. We were so scared.


        We ended up not going to sleep.


               Taylor (Age 12)

               Murietta, Ca.



         Editors'  Note: Just because these true-life tales arrive via a pre-teen, don't discount them! We didn't!





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