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                             These photos were taken at an abandonded women's college in February 2005; it

                       has a reputation for being haunted and also as the site of several suicides before

                       the school was shut down.



                            Click on the images to see larger views.









                            The deserted dormitory

Note the bright orb hovering in

in the pine tree.





                           Crumbling walls, winter berries behind the college






                           The imposing front of the abandoned college






                           Note the orbs on eave and nearby in the sky.








                           Another view of the rear of the main building









The school gives off a very foreboding feeling. Note the small orb in the third set of windows from the






                 A Sampling of some of our free e-cards based on the photos above. (E cards are full-size).


             With the exception of some horror classics, all our cards are based on my original

             photography and art work. I also design the backgrounds and stamps. The program

             we use also has tons of java effects and applets. We've included lots of music, poetry

             by Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc and more.


             Send a Gothic Greeting for free and enjoy!                 











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