Lizzie Borden's House--July 19, 2004




                                           Each year several horror writers and artists who attend Necon--

                                           the NorthEastern Writers Conference--make a little pilgrimage

                                           to visit Lizzie on her birthday...last year several of us stayed

                                           overnight at the Inn. We've been staying every year since..


                                           Is there a better way for a bunch of horror writers to end a conference?


                                          We didn't  think so.


                                           Some of us are intuitive or psychic....Were there episodes?


                                          Hang on to your hats, kids: Lizzie and company scared the living hell  ut of  us--from the cold spots,

                                            to the flickering lights, to the shapes and shadows seen to ghostly images and spirit energy captured on                                              film in these authentic photos:


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                                                 2004  Lisa Mannetti          

Gordon Linzner (back to camera), Linda

Addison, Gerard Houarner. Robert Dunbar

laughs...all unaware that a ghostly mist

has filled half the painting above the

sofa where Andrew Borden was hacked

to death.


Isn't Lizzie funny? This is the 19th picture

on the was taken in the cellar,

where, from the other side of that window,

Officer Hyde saw her stoop down and

hide something (but not what) in the


Click here to view zoom,click photo for enlargement and note the figure hiding on the far right...Is that a baby? A child? or just one of the ordinary ghosts at Lizzie Borden's?

The lights flickered while all of us were down there....


                                         2004--Lisa Mannetti                                   Blue Orb





                                                    2004--Lisa Mannetti                           Lizzie's Cake



Eleanor Thimbault (our expert guide) lights

the candles on Lizzie's birthday cake.

Click on the photo (right) for a larger view.

Click here to look at an inset of the crystal

door knob (original to the house) where

a face peers out and is looking directly

at the cake. Was Lizzie watching?


                                                                  2004--Lisa Mannetti                Orb: The Guest Room

A blue orb and its reflection outside the windows of the John Vinnicum Morse guest room where Abby Borden was murdered on August 4th, 1892.





                                                    2004--Lisa Mannetti           Front Door Orb



The front door at Lizzie Borden's

House does not stay closed unless it's locked. Here, an orb

lingers near the door jamb, while

three of us (including the very

gracious Jody who works at the

Inn) came outside to warm up.

The house was often appallingly

cold for long minutes at a time.


                                                  2004--Lisa Mannetti                Blood Images  &  Orbs






Things often go "missing" in the Borden House; while visiting the cellar Sephera Giron and I

collected 4 postage-stamp-sized

bits of rubble, thinking we might

hold a seance later that night.


Afraid to return to the cellar, I

left them all on a bookcase in the room where Andrew was murdered. Imagine my surprise when I discovered one piece inside my handbag--after I retured home.


It has disappeared in the last month.












Marie Zbytek makes a case for a view of Lizzie's face seen in

the cellar window at left.

                                                     2004--Marie Zbytek                                 Cellar  Orbs  






                                                        2004--Marie Zbytek                      Lizzie's  Face







At two minutes to twelve we were in the sitting room where Andrew was murdered. We'd all

been seeing shadows and experiencing

phenomena. Here, the camera records

the fireplace (you can compare it with the

earlier picture above) that displays several

white orbs. There are also two ellipitcal-shaped

red spots that seem to have faces, a red

smear on the right, and a long red line

on the door on the left.

Click on photo for enlarged view.

Click here to see close up of fireplace.

                                                   Ready for a Break?


                                                   Fall River Historical Society

This hatchet is believed to be the murder weapon.

Click here to view original photos of the crime scene or autopsy photos.

Neither section is for the faint of heart.

Or scroll down to see more pictures of the night

the Necon horror writers spent at Lizzie Borden's.



                                                    2004--Lisa Mannetti                  Ecto on Sofa




At one point during the evening's festivities, a white bloom of ectoplasm appeared on the sofa--which had been cleaned and

vacuumed that morning.







It was visible to the naked eye--unlike the face that appears in the photo on the left.


                                                  2004--Lisa Mannetti                Skull Face & Ecto






                                                       2004--Lisa Mannetti                      Orbs--Borden House

The third window of the guestroom

where Abby Borden was slain.

This is the window that was next to the place

her body was found.

The Borden house tends to

become more active in the

weeks preceding the anniversary

of the murder.

In the second photo on the left, even more orbs can be seen outside the house.

While Charles Neddo, who stayed in the guest room, slept peacefully, some of us were not quite so unaffected by the Borden ghosts.

Note the shape in the top right pane of the left window...what appears to be a woman in a long dress.


                                                       2004--Lisa Mannetti                    Orbs--Borden House




                                                       2004--Lisa Mannetti      Rainbow Energy



This skirt of Lizzie's is situated in the entry hall. While my flash is "caught" in the mirror, note that away from the reflection is a tiny prism of rainbow energy on the radiator fin.

On my first trip to the house in 2002, Marsha D and Robin Furth reported they heard a woman calling "hello" to me.  On Monday after my return, I heard someone calling my name outside my office window. I thought surely a neigbor dropped by and was trying to get my attention because I wasn't answering the one was at the door.

So with those incidents and the rainbow energy, maybe Lizzie likes me...but then she's not the sort of person or spirit one could trust to remain constant in her she?



In the photo of the sofa, note the small orb on the left and the whitish mist on the wall.


                                                           2004--Lisa Mannetti           Mist




                                                          2004--Lisa Mannetti        Outer Wall



Orbs on the former outer wall of the Borden House.

When the renovations are complete and the print shop next door is taken down, this wall will be exposed again.

                                                       July 19th, 2003--Photos taken at Lizzie Borden's House.



                                                                      2003 Dennis Cummins       Lisa Mannetti and Gahan Wilson

Here, Lisa Mannetti and Gahan Wilson pose before the infamous residence.

Behind Gahan's back two faces appear to loom  from the shadows. Is one of them Lizzie? Emma? Perhaps it's Abby-- her stepmother-- who was murdered along with Lizzie's father, Andrew Borden



                                   Below are some photos of The Borden Family, which may help you determine

                                   which (if any) of the Bordens put in an appearance on Lizzie's birthday in 2003.




                                  Lizzie                       Emma                     Abby                         Andrew






                                         Dennis Cummins               Dennis Cummins  and Gahan Wilson

Here, less than a minute later,

the greenish orb is more

distinct and has moved over the

lampost. More orbs appear on the

right, but the "pictures" of the

Borden ghosts are no longer visible.


The house is even more

frightening at night....



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