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Here you will find several different albums
of cemetery art, including black & white photography,
children's graves, unusual cemetery decorations;
mausoleums and pauper's graves.
All the photographs were taken by Lisa Mannetti
in various locations over several years.

Click on an image to view its album.

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                     Color Photographs

                     Black & White Photographs

                          Children's Graves

                     Dunotar, Scotland

                     Daylight Ghosts: Color Photography II

                     Gothic Cemetery Art: Moonlight

                     Gothic Cemetery Art: Winter

        Gothic Venice

        Haunted Venice


                            Midnight Gardens              


          Haunted Childhoods           


                           More Children's Graves          


                      19th c. Mausoleums, Crypts               



                       Gothic Mediterranean                


                                Gothic Mediterranean II                  


               Hau      Haunted Ruins                         

















Several of these images are available both as
email post cards and through our shop.

Although we are pleased to share these images
both here and as greeting cards, they may not
be reproduced in whole or in part in any way.


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