This is the foyer of the Chancery House,
feel free to look around.

If you're a guest, your room is ready at the top of the stairs.
We hope you'll explore all four floors
and the grounds of the Inn, too!

If you lose your way, please check the site map.
You'll also find some further hints there about
the ghoulish delights awaiting you.

Enjoy your stay and come back again.

Dining Room Magic Spells Living Room Library Read your TarotScope Look for red roses ... one will lead you to your destiny ... Don't click here. Cool Freeware for your PC Please take one of our calling cards. Let the famous seer, Madame Le Normand, read your fortune! Visit the carriage shop and check out Tom, Huck, Lady, witchy and seasonal items and more! Visit the rooms upstairs at The Chancery House Visit the old burying ground just outside on the grounds. Gothic Cemetery Art from The Chancery House Gothic, ghostly, Halloween and spooky e cards with original art and backgrounds, and stamps! P.S. We are still making the display pages look pretty, but the cards are up and running--Have fun! Make your way through the Secret Annex with many tricks and twists. Visit The House
I'm your guide, Marley, and I'll be with you throughout your stay.  Anytime you lose your way, just look for me and click.  Sigh...

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