You're lookin' at Lady Bastet

and she's a witch right here at


The Chancery House

I'm Tom Sawyer, and that's my twin, Huck Finn
winkin' at you on the left.
We're Lady's familiars.

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Naturally, since Lady's so busy and all, it's up to me and Huck to run the inn
along with a couple of werewolves named Ted and Earle--
You'll probably meet them by and by.

Hucky knowed it was a powerful lot of trouble to write a book,
so it's up to me to tell our story this time, which I done.....
But he's a reglar computer whiz and he designed this site with plenty of
hidden "special effects" scattered hither and yon.
So you be sure and look for em.

Hucky wants me to let you know that when you enter a room and see this book,
click on it first to read our story.

Click on it now to read the beginning,
or take a peek round the Inn and come back to it later ...

You can even learn all about how we hatched up our magic right now, if you like--
click on the purple star just left of the house below.
The randomizer glammer....It's a stunner of a spell, all right.

Okay, me and Huck's gonna witch your bags and luggage in.
You just settle back and ...
Click on the magical mirror below to check in to
The Chancery House


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