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                                                                     Your reading will be based on both my psychic perceptions and the Tarot.



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                                      Questions? Concerns? Not sure what to do or how to proceed? Prices? Procedure?

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                                        Lisa Mannetti is a writer, editor, photographer, and graphic artist who also happens to be psychic.


                                                                           She has published books, stories and articles, taught on the college level and

                                                                                                            edited anthologies and magazines.

                                                                    Her award-winning website, The Chancery House, has received more than a million visitors overall.

                                                                         She has also appeared on TV in The Scariest Places on Earth at the Lizzie Borden House.


                                                                                          Visit Lisa at           www.thechanceryhouse.com








                                                                    I can recommend Lisa Mannetti. She does Tarot, and has read for me;

                                                         therefore, I can tell you she is very good


                                                                                                               Carla Baron




                                                                                                               Haunting Eveidence, Tru TV






                                                       Great guidance, Lisa. You are connected with Spirit.














                                                         You can also visit Carla at http://www.myspace.com/carla_baron








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